Sunday, July 26, 2009

beach life

We had the best time in Pensacola this week. We got together with Kyle's family... 14 of us in this incredible beach house. Beach in front, fishing in back.

There were several firsts on this trip. Hayes, Embry and Ellie experienced their first plane ride... Mommy and Daddy experienced their first thoughts of leaving someone at the airport intentionally.... but I won't point any fingers. Just kidding. I think. :)

Embry and Ellie experienced the beach for the first time. They preferred the sand over the water. Hayes couldn't get enough of the water, which was a complete one-eighty from last year. Kyle and I loved watching him enjoy himself so much.

It was a bit crazy at times with all the kids, but it was such a special time that we are so thankful for... the walks on the beach, jumping across the dock with no one falling in, Peg Leg Pete's, celebrating Maddox's first year, color-shift hot wheels, the shirts that Laura made for the kids, the Hello Kitty dvd, Kyle's olives, catching flounder off the back dock, outdoor showers, collecting sea shells and relaxing on the balcony.

I think my favorite day was Friday. It started out with an off-shore fishing trip with the boys, followed by a massage with the girls. We had the best dinner that night at Flounder's... delicious food right in the sand.

Thank you Grandpa and Nana for an amazing trip.
This is the stuff memories are made of. :)

We love you guys,
Kyle, Trisha, Hayes, Embry & Ellie

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Nana said...

I'm so glad (and relieved) that everything worked out and that this trip actually happened. It's not easy getting that many people that far away, in a house that fit, and we couldn't have done it without all working together! Thanks Trisha for helping w the place and the plane tickets, and the wonderful meal planning, grocery shooping and cooking and pictures. Thanks Liz and Drew for getting all that baby equipment and house stuff there, the 2 cars, car seats etc etc, driving us..and Liz and Drew for your meal night, and Laura for designing the keepsake T-shirts, crafts, and meal. Andrew for keeping Jude happy, Kyle for getting the logistics figured out to and from places and airport, planning the off shore fishing that never would have happened, and Grandpa for working so hard so that we could go....I love you all!!!

Nana said...

btw, whose's that old lady on the beach....and can I have these pictures, congrats on getting an excellent picture of Maddox, I don't know how in the world you do it!

Milk Maker said...

WOW! looks like so much fun! great pictures!!

LauraD said...

What an awesome trip!

Joy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Beautiful pictures and glad everyone made it home from the airport!

Dion said...

Wow!! What an amazing trip and gift! You guys look so happy and full of life.

Trisha, you look fantastic. Is that a new tatoo on Kyle? I like it!

Miss you guys. Even more thinking you were a handful of hours away from us.

Jessi said...

SO FUN! Love the pictures (as always)! I agree with look wonderful! I just love the picture of Nana and Grandpa with all of their babies.

And you fished?! Great catch!Learning something new about you all of the time. *wink*

Glad you had a wonderful time and were able to enjoy some awesome seafood. Yummm.

Minnie said...

Good pics as usual! Looks fun! Glad you made it home safe too!

Cindi said...

How AMAZING...we were thinking how great Florida would be with a giant house to accomodate all his family.
Love the t-shirts!!!

Jamila said...

Wow what fun! And you are such a talent with the camera.

Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

So jealous!!! I can't wait to take Addy there...that is such a beautiful part of Florida. Loved seeing the kids have so much fun!

Robertson's said...

What a great picture post! Glad you guys got away and had a blast!

Katie L said...

What a special trip! The pictures of Kyle playing in the water are priceless. I'm so glad everyone had such a good time. Beach vacations are the best!

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