Tuesday, December 11, 2012

candy cane day

We needed a day like today.
A day filled with good moods, minimal fighting and lots of candy canes!
Watching him read J is for Jesus reminded me of when he was three. 
It was his favorite Christmas book. He knew it by heart.
First time to use polymer clay today. And last. :)
Peppermint chocolate chip pancakes for lunch!
My little candy cane girl.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


we ventured to woolaroc for the first time. a very good family day with lots to explore!
a museum, animals, rocks, trees, trails, art, guns,
and a lodge that kyle and i fell in love with the minute we stepped inside.
that frank phillips was a luck guy to be surrounded by such beauty.
this picture of ellie cracks me up. her face.
regretting the "accidental" dropping of the cup.
she was guilty and she knew it. :)

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