Monday, June 29, 2009

home for harvest

We try to get back home every summer while Grandpa is cutting wheat. Daddy didn't make it this year... I'm pretty sure he would have preferred to be in the combine helping his dad instead of the hospital.

We also hung out with Minnie and Papaw and had fun picking blackberries, blowing bubbles and playing in the water.

Friday, June 26, 2009

friends, fish n fun

I am so glad we got a pass to the aquarium this year! We've already been three times this summer. The kids love going and it is a nice place to escape the heat.

Jake and Paige are two of the reasons we can't wait to move back home. Their mama, Katie, being a big reason for me. It is so reassuring to know I will have a good friend waiting for me.

They are ahead of us in this thing called residency and will move back in one year and we've got four more. I try not to be too jealous. :) But I look forward to those days when we live just a hop, skip and a jump away from each other.

This boy loves his sharks.

Katie and I envision life-long fishing buddies with these two.

Thanks guys for the action-packed afternoon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

let your light shine down...

Do you honestly think I would be ok with this lighting setup?

A perfect example of what I am up against in the home decor department. And the funny thing is this concoction probably never crossed his mind for being a little um, off.


little fish

We've made it through one week of swim lessons. Half way there. Hayes improves everyday. He is still loving it and his teacher says he is "rockin' it!"

The hard part has been for us spectators. It's a bit of a tease, really. Sitting in the shade, watching the kids play in the pool as we drip with sweat. I get cranky when I'm hot. Embry and Ellie get cranky when they're hot. So we try and hold the crankiness off as long as possible... with snacks and beads.

And I wouldn't be me if I didn't mention Hayes' swim trunks. I am making big steps, people. First with character pj's, now character swim trunks... in public. I am coming around to the idea that he loves this stuff and I just need to accept it. And besides, if I get over it now, won't that make things a little easier when he is a teenager? Ha!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

it's too dang hot for clothes!

(25 months)

Don't ya just want to squish those little cheeks? :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on my mind

I came across this excerpt from Francis Chan of Cornerstone Church. Too powerful to not pass along...

You passionately love Jesus, but you don't really want to be like Him. You admire His humility, but you don't want to be THAT humble. You think it's beautiful that He washed the feet of the disciples, but that's not exactly the direction your life is headed. You're thankful He was spit upon and abused, but you would never let that happen to you. You praise Him for loving you enough to suffer during His whole time on earth, but you're going to do everything within your power to make sure you enjoy your time down here.

In short: You think He's a great Savior, but not a great role model.

The American church has abandoned the most simple and obvious truth of what it means to follow Jesus: You actually follow His pattern of life. I pray for those who read this article- that we don't become cynical or negative toward the church. Instead, let's make a personal decision to stop talking so much and begin living like Jesus. Then we can say as the apostle Paul, "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ" (1 Corinthians 11:1). My guess is that you've never had someone say that to you, and you've never said it to anyone else. Why Not?

See full article here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

learning to swim

Today was the first day of swim lessons. Embry and Ellie are sitting this summer out because I am still trying to recover from last summer when all three were enrolled at the same time. It was a brutal two weeks.

Kyle and I were in the parent/baby class with Embry and Ellie and they were petrified. And why wouldn't they be? The water was freezing and they hadn't exactly hung out in the pool all that much. And while we were trying to get them to enjoy the water (or at least stop crying), we could hear Hayes screaming and throwing a fit across the pool in his class. He finally came around the last day of class.

After that first day, I made Kyle go straight to Walmart and buy one of those above ground pools. My kids were not going to be 'that kid'... you know the one. I mean, as a kid, I went through all of the Red Cross classes, was an instructor and lifeguarded for way too many summers. No way are my kids going to be afraid of the water. :)

So, I have been a little apprehensive about today. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Hayes was awesome. He did a great job and was actually excited to go back.

One down. Two to go.

happy father's day

Happy Father's Day Babe.
I love you.

And, where would we be without our wonderful dads?
We love you Papaw and Grandpa!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

just a swingin'

one year ago...

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