Friday, March 13, 2009

big girl bed

The pink room was a hit with Miss Elle. She was so excited to see her big girl bed. Both Embry and Ellie have done really well with the change... there have been the several occassions where I catch them sneaking out of their beds. They will see me and will go flying back into bed. It's hard not to laugh.

Ellie also made a trip to the dentist yesterday. See her little brown tooth in front? If it doesn't tighten up in a month, it will most likely have to be pulled. :(

9 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

LauraD said...

They sure are growing up! Congrats on the smooth transition. Will you be in town over Spring Break? If so, let's get together.

Melisa said...

How cute! I'll bet she went gaga for her new pinkalicious room!

Her teeth all look white to me. I hope it doesn't have to get pulled.

Jessi said...

I LOVE the pink and green!

I'm so glad that E & E have transitioned so wonderful! Is Hayes still enjoying sharing a room with his lil' bro?

Sorry to hear about the tooth...all I see are pearly "whites".

Allison said...

Jenna has those same pj's!

I hope her tooth is going to be ok!

Minnie said...

They look so small in those big beds!! But... they are so proud of their new beds.... MOMMY DID WELL!

I am amazed with Kyle's painting talents... the trees are SO CUTE (!), and everything is hung just perfect!

Robertson's said...

Kate has those same pj's - aren't they cute!! Glad it is going well!

Joy said...

Cute pics! Glad they are doing well in their new beds! Thanks for dinner and breakfast- everything was yummy!!

Cindi said...

Sorry about her tooth.
It's a miracle Brinley hasn't knocked hers out - she always hits her mouthand has even had stitches in her tongue!

JHawk said...

How fun with the new rooms and beds!!! What a cute little girl, she's getting so big! It seems like she's so much bigger now and I saw her not too long ago!

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