Thursday, July 7, 2011

a good day to be a little girl.

like most mornings, ellie sneaks in and takes over kyle's empty spot.

getting ready for our day of fun.

you can't have a girlie day without a pedi... and matching blue polish.

tea time.

we've got to make this a tradition. so much fun!

"swing me just two times, then watch what i can do."

pink sugar cookies, please.

and what better way to end a day? a date with daddy, of course. italian food and pottery painting on the agenda.

is there really a better feeling than seeing your husband spend time with your little girl?
her anticiptating the date all week? him opening the door for her as they head out for their night together? 
me knowing that he is taking the time and preparing her heart for what to look for in a man someday.
this is what it's about, people. good stuff.  

7 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Minnie said...

What a sweet post :O)... she is such a doll and for sure all girl! What an amazing Dad to take the time to spend with his little girl too!

Jess said...

So sweet! Love her dress - Kate has the same one!

Sara Shaffer said...

Priceless memories. I've been meaning to tell you that I love her hair!

Jessi said...

It's amazing to watch her grow up before my very eyes...such a pretty girl. I love that you make the kids' weeks so very special. What a great day!

Dion said...

Precious. Precious stuff! I can see the joy and light in her eyes.

She will remember these times. Forever.

Nana said...

What a fun time in the life of our little granddaughter! She is just soaking it all up! I sure enjoyed our time together. Love the picture at the end with her daddy. Don't know what you did to get such natural smiles:)

Alexandra said...

I love this, this stuff is so important! I can't wait until Paige is big enough to go on a date with Tom!

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