Tuesday, June 21, 2011

toes in the sand

this picture is a favorite for several reasons:

1. Kyle took it.
2. If I had to pick one picture out of the few I took that sums up vacation for the kids, this would be it.
3. It captures the essence of kids and their love for swimming pools. All three longed for the pool, not the ocean. Silly rabbits.
4. It gives you an idea of how great this place is. Over behind Hayes is our cottage with the purple chairs... just steps away from the pool. And on the other side, the beach. This place was probably the oldest around and some aspects definitely showed the wear, but you just can't beat the view. 
5. You can see some scratches on Hayes' chest. A reminder of a crash with an oncoming biker earlier that morning that brought our family bike ride to a halt. It wasn't pretty. But it was a little bit funny. After the fact, of course. :)
6. His crack is probably showing on the other side. What is it with these boys and keeping their pants up?
7. I love this kid.


Fifteen hours in the car ain't so bad when you are headed south to make memories in the sand. We enjoyed having Daddy all to ourselves for seven days, exploring the little beach towns from Pensacola to Panama City Beach and deciding that we BELONG there. Oh wait, that's just me.

We could not have asked for a more pleasant time in the car with the kids. Daddy surprised them at one of our many potty breaks at Walmart with a new
DS of their own. Their little faces lit up when he told them to each pick a color. Smart man. Knows how to buy himself some peace and quiet. :)

After our first day of driving, we woke up in Birmingham and headed to the children's muesum. The kids had a blast running around and exploring.
Now who's the smart mama with the idea to get them all worn out for the tail end of the car ride?

We also got to meet up with Drew, Liz and the boys AND Matt, Dion and the girls.
Talk about cherries on top!
You'll notice a good amount of pics of this cutie patoot. There's a reason for that. If there was a trip trooper trophy to give out, Ellie would win it.
She was always up for everything, having fun with whatever we did. She was my beach buddy and I can't wait for more walks in the sand with my girl.

That first picture may sum up vacation for the kids, but this one sums it up for me.

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Milk Maker said...

Amazing pictures! I also BELONG there. My heart aches for the beach. And now even more so after looking at your pics. :) looks like a great vacation. We are planning a family vacay there next year.

Minnie said...

WOW.. great pics! You continue to amaze me with your talent.. I love the photos of the kids and need to get copies of them! I am so glad that you are making such great memories with your children... That is what family vacations are for... MEMORIES!

Katie L said...

Your photos are breathtaking! I love ALL of them! Your trip looks amazing!

Dion said...

Ab-so-lutly breath-taking!!!

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