Saturday, March 19, 2011

hangin' with the boys

I'm gonna make Kyle be in charge of planning our daily excursions more often! We had the best boy day today.
We headed towards the hills and water for a little jeeping and fishing. Managed to stumble upon the USS Batfish submarine as well.
According to Hayes it was "the best day ever!" That is until he didn't catch a fish, then it was 'the worst day ever!"

Ya win some, ya lose some.

Speaking of losing... I'm lost without my little miss. I'm missing her sweet face and her sass.
She comes home from her grandparent excursion in a couple days and I can't wait!

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Minnie said...

Glad you all had so much fun! Photos are amazing as usual too.. brings back many many memories of taking photos of jeep trails.. Dad was in drivers's seat too and I had to run up hill and take the photo ;o) Glad that your Dad has someone to go jeeping with now.. know he is excited that Kyle loves it like he does! They just need to take that jeep back on some long weekend to Colorado and
hit the same trails it has been on before!

Ellie and I are going to do some girly shopping tomorrow :o)

Dion said...

WHERE did you stumble upon this??!!

Liz said...

Oh boy days! We have lots of those 'round these parts :)

Alexandra said...

What a great adventure!!! What a blessing it must be to have fun little breaks with each of your little ones!!

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