Tuesday, March 1, 2011

guessing game

Looking back...
at the picture on my first blog post.
September 2008.
Don't you just want to squish those sweet little legs of hers?

Embry has been in Bwell for several days, giving his brother and sister the opportunity to hang out. If you know anything about their relationship, you know it's a bit of a rocky one. They don't get along so well. :) But I do have to say, they have done really well and there have even been occasions of actual playing together. This was on the way to church the other day...

Hayes: I'm thinking of something big and brown.
Ellie: A wolf.
Hayes: No. Bigger.
Ellie: A bear.
Hayes: No. It doesn't move.
Ellie: A statue of a wolf or a bear.
Hayes: No. It can be skinny or really fat.
Ellie: I'm wearing skinny jeans!!
Hayes: No, it helps us breathe.
Ellie: A dog!

Approaching irritation, Hayes reveals the answer to be a tree and she doesn't believe him.

Ellie: I'm thinking of something big and giant and big and giant and big and giant.

After multiple guesses, Hayes gives up.
Ellie reveals the answer... a giant.

I love listening to these games in the car, whether it be the guessing game, i spy or the quiet game. Embry and Ellie are juuuust on the verge of playing correctly and it it makes for some good laughs for Mommy.

5 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Jess said...

Too funny! Making me laugh too.

Katie L said...

Funny stuff!

Minnie said...

Awwww.. how sweet... maybe they need more time alone to work on their relationship? We REALLY enjoyed our Embry Jack... Happy Jack.. what a sweetheart!

Milk Maker said...

that made me LOL! too sweet. glad they had some time to form their own special bond.

Nana said...

Gave me a chuckle. We enjoyed Mr. Energy Emby.

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