Thursday, October 9, 2008

rag muffin

She really doesn't always look like this. Ok, maybe she does the majority of the day... after the bow has been replaced several times and then finally goes missing. Because we are growing the bangs out, there's just gonna be hair in the eyes... but I like my little rag muffin!

We are starting our weekend off early tomorrow. We are ready to have some crazy fun... we're talkin' life-celebratin', pumpkin-patchin', grandbaby spoilin', daddy and mommy actually get a date night fun! Lots of exciting things planned. We can't wait for Minnie, Papaw, Nana and Grandpa to get here! Hope your weekend is just as wonderful!

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Minnie said...

Rag Muffin? Funny... that is what we called you and Auntie Cady as you too had that same look most of the time!

AND... Papaw and Minnie can't wait for some grandkids spoilin'... hugs & kisses time... we are having a withdraw!

angela | the painted house said...

Thank you for your comment!

Your three are adorable. We call ours ragamuffins, too!

Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...


Hey, it's Ashlee Young, now Ashlee Tollett. My mom got your blog from my mom...I didn't know you were on blogspot! Your kids are adorable! We just welcomed our first little one into the world 3 weeks ago...please check out our blog! Hope all is well. I copied the link on the side of your blog to mine - great encouragement!

Katie said...

Rag Muffin must be a commom name because that's what I call Paige when she has the same bangs in the face look. But, I'm not about to let someone cut my baby's hair! So, Rag Muffin she will be! I hope you all enjoyed your date night.

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