Wednesday, October 15, 2008

first parent teacher conference

Today I met with Mr. Hayes' pre-k teacher. I was curious to hear what she had to say. For all I know, he plays outside the whole time. Oh, and learns about monster trucks, jeeps, John Deeres, submarines and Ford Explorers. Mmm Hmm.

It was a nice ten minute visit where I learned that he's on track and does everything he is supposed to do. Ok, good. I guess I shouldn't expect much more information at such a young age. But just one cutesy story... about how he __ when he __ while he was __... I need details people! Doesn't she know that this is my baby and I'm dying to know what happens every afternoon after I drop him off at the door? How does he interact with the kids? Is he nice to the girls? Is he a good listener? Does he ever feel left out? Does he stand up for himself? Does he wash his hands in the bathroom? I guess for now, I will settle for 'satisfactory' across the board. She did reassure me, however, that it is perfectly normal for little boys to not be interested in coloring or writing. I already knew this, it was just good to hear it from a teacher.

I brought home this cute little booklet they have been working on. I eat this stuff up.

5 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Joy said...

I love his response to "What makes you mad?" What a cutie!

cade said...

aww... your very first parent-teacher conference. If you really want to know all of those things...just ask. They just have a checklist to follow for each interview. I am sure she would be happy to answer anything you had questions you sister! i am proud of you hayes! love, auntie/cade

Minnie said...

How cute! He is so smart cause he already knows it all (thanks Mommie!).... so he is bored at school maybe? That is why you get those answers WHICH ARE NORMAL answers most kids give when asked!

Oh to be a bug on the wall!

Minnie said...

Oh.. and for being nice to the girls... you and I know that from last week! Not while other boys are around!!!

Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...


Hayes is so handsome! What a cutie! I love that he is enjoying know if you have any questions about school now or in the next couple years, you should hit my mom up. She is a pro! The best kindergarten teacher to walk the earth. She knows A LOT about little boys...

I love being a mom. It is incredible. I just love her more and more each day. Such a blessing! And responsibility of course. Hi Minnie! Thanks for commenting on my blog - hopefully we'll see you soon!

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