Wednesday, December 8, 2010

what's behind door number eight...

hot chocolate and christmas books

We've really been enjoying our Advent calendar this month.
The kids look forward to opening the little doors each day to see what surprise awaits them.
So far, we've had stickers, candy and some fun activities...

shopping for angel tree kiddos
family date at the movies
making snowflakes and watching  frosty the snowman
bouncing for jesus at bouncy barn :)
beaded candy canes and reading  j is for jesus

Lots more in store for the month as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of a very special guy!

6 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Jessi said...

I LOVE this! I really can't wait for all 3 of mine to reach the age to really "get it" so that we can do fun stuff like this.

And Kyle got a such a sweet pic of you reading to the kids.

Katie L said...

What Advent calendar did you buy? Any one in particular? Do you make up the activities? My kids would love this!

Dion said...

Love your Advent days!! Fun stuff, huh?!

Minnie said...

You are so creative! Maybe we can share some of the hot chocolate tomorrow night after looking at lights!

6 Happy Hearts said...

Advent is one of my fav things of Christmas! Great pics - you are very blessed :)

Diane said...

Simply love all of your activities!!! I can't wait to Isabel is older to do all sorts of fun things with her.

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