Sunday, December 5, 2010

a groom is hard to find

 A conversation between a girl and a boy...

"No one will play wedding with me!"
"I don't want to play wedding!"
"I want someone to play wedding with me."
"I don't want to do the kissing."
"I won't do the kiss. I will just do the regular dancing."

He ain't buyin.
Poor girl needs a sister.

8 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Minnie said...

Who wouldn't want to play wedding that that sweet girl with that face?!!

Your Dad and I laugh when we think back on Drew & Liz's wedding and how Embry didn't want to go to the wedding at all because he thought he had to marry Ellie ;o) We had to do some fast talking on that one..

Katie L said...

What precious pictures! Those melt me!

Jessi said...

SO cute! And Laney would love to play wedding, but then there would be a disagreement about who would wear the dress! hehehe.

Dion said...

She is a beautiful bride!

Jane Anne said...

She is simply gorgeous! Don't you love dressing her up like that?

Minnie said...

Ppapaw thinks she is beautiful in these photos :O)

Cade said...

Does that mean you are trying to have a sister for Ellie?

Bahahaha... I could barely get through that question! lol

Love you sis! Glad I had a sister growing up!

Cindi said...

Give that girl a sister!
My daughter has imaginary sisters - 3 of them! And that will have to do.

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