Monday, March 15, 2010

airing my clean laundry

There's a point where efficiency ("I'll wait so I can take it upstairs in one trip.") turns to laziness. I juuuuust might be there.

A weird little sidenote: I posted this and got to thinkin' that I had already used this title before, so I went to the archives. Almost exactly one year ago, I had. But last year, it was dirty. This year, clean. What does it all mean? :)

Does it mean that I am as redundant as they come? Does it mean that I am making strides in the world of homemaking? Does it mean that I am as redundant as they come? :)

I think what it really means is the laundry always win. Clean or dirty.


4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Desiree said...

He he, I hate laundry... not as much as dishes, though. I'm finally getting better at getting it put away. My main motivation is a toddler who will UNfold it as soon as I fold it if I don't. Makes my husband very happy, lol.

Dion said...

Even your clean, un-put away laundry looks pretty from your lens.

Minnie said...

I personally think you are making strides.. at least it is clean now.. you need to learn to put it on the stairway like I use to do and have each family member take their own stack up and put away... that way, it will disappear.. Now, I just take your Dad's stack to his closet and he puts it up.. or sometimes, he carries it into his closet and leaves in stack for awhile, but at least it is out of sight ;o).. you know me sweetie..:O) You amaze me what you do get accomplished with all you have to do.. especially doing it solo so much! Love ya!

Cindi said...

I'm there too...and my house isn't 2 story!!

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