Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

Happy Father's Day Babe.
I love you.

And, where would we be without our wonderful dads?
We love you Papaw and Grandpa!

5 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Minnie said...

I am sure Kyle was so excited to get such an amazing Father's Day card.. you continue to amaze me!

Happy Father's Day Kyle... thanks for loving my daughter and wonderful (and I mean it) grandchildren! I LOVE YOU!

Nana said...

Guess superhero brows and eyelashes burn just like regular people.

Great Father's Day Card, hey maybe you and Larza can work together!

Katie L said...

Love the costumes! Happy Father's Day Kyle!!

Milk Maker said...

too cute!

Melisa said...

Awww. My mom bought Brad a picture that says "Even Superman needs a Daddy". You should look it up. Super cute. I keep thinking I'll take a picture like that and years later I still haven't done it... Sad.

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