Friday, June 26, 2009

friends, fish n fun

I am so glad we got a pass to the aquarium this year! We've already been three times this summer. The kids love going and it is a nice place to escape the heat.

Jake and Paige are two of the reasons we can't wait to move back home. Their mama, Katie, being a big reason for me. It is so reassuring to know I will have a good friend waiting for me.

They are ahead of us in this thing called residency and will move back in one year and we've got four more. I try not to be too jealous. :) But I look forward to those days when we live just a hop, skip and a jump away from each other.

This boy loves his sharks.

Katie and I envision life-long fishing buddies with these two.

Thanks guys for the action-packed afternoon!

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Jessi said...

How wonderful that you have such a beloved friend nearby and whose children you can envision growing "old" with. That's definitely something I hope for once we get "settled" (whenever that is).

I just love aquariums...looks like the kids enjoyed themselves with the fish and their friends.

Katie L said...

I just finished my post and it looks a lot like this one!! What a great time and I can't wait to both be settled in our after residency lives!

Cindi said...

I was looking at the pictures first and thought "hey, I know those 2 other kids!" lol...and the sad part is, I've never actually met any of ya'll.
And I thought you & Katie were both in Tulsa??

nana said...

What a fun memory day with great pics. Kay county will be blessed to have you two families.

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