Thursday, May 14, 2009

why can't we all just get along?

In anticipation of our doctor visit today…

Hayes: “Are we going to get a shot, Mom?”

Me: "No."

Hayes: "Ellie, we don't want to get a shot."(Hayes is known for bringing up the unexpected for Embry and Ellie in hopes of getting them worked up.)

Ellie: “I wanna shot!”

Hayes: “I don’t want a shot!”

Ellie: “I wanna shot!” (Ellie is known for arguing with anything anyone says.)

Hayes: “Ellie, you don’t want a shot.”

Embry: “It’s my shark!” (Embry is known for occasionally missing the point. In his defense, he did have a shark on his shirt.)

Ellie: “My shot! I wanna shot!”

Embry: “My shark! Mine’s pretty.”

Ellie: “Mine’s pretty!”

Embry: “Mine is pretty. It’s blue. Yours isn’t pretty.”

Ellie: “Miiiiiine is pretty.”

In his best shark voice, Embry screams, “Raaaarrrrrr!”


Welcome to my world. Where the fuses are short and the conversations make no sense.

This picture is from a couple months ago... one of those rare moments where they were actually getting along. :)

11 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Cindi said...

So true ~ sometimes it just all gets lost in translation.

Dion said...

Did anyone have to get a shot after all?

Milk Maker said...

LOL.....Maybe Embry was just trying to change subject! ;0) i know it's not much fun for you...but it was fun for me to read!

Minnie said...

Thanks for making me smile... I just love those little encounters they have when I am around.... I am sorry... it makes me laugh!

Katie L said...

I love to read your funny stories! I laugh so hard because I can totally relate!

Kristy said...

I wish I could leave encouraging remarks but since I threatened to send all 4 of my to military bootcamp this evening for not getting along and antagonizing each other...I'm not sure I have any words of wisdom! Just I'm right there with ya!!

nana said...

I remember this soooo well. Maybe it's the number three! At least with an even number they could pair up and maybe not gang up. I think you should have another one. We need a lot of trees.

Jane Anne said...

This whole converstation could have happened at my house. Oh, it is good to know I am not the only one!

Jessi said...

What a hilarious interaction! After reading this, I look forward to when mine can carry a conversation...instead of hearing "NO!" and crying.

And yes, did anyone get a shot?

Straight from the pits of Dwell said...

I was just laughing so hard at this post I had tears in my eyes! My favorite part is when little Embry brought up the funny! Sounds like many convos at our house. They argue just for the sake of arguing I guess. Right now mine are wrestling with each other on the couch in the computer room...I wonder how many more seconds until someone starts crying?????

Melisa said...

Laughing SOOOOOO hard right now!

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