Thursday, May 28, 2009

school's out for summer

School's out for-eva!

That little Alice Cooper number is one of Hayes' favorite songs. And you know we sang it more than once today. No more Pre-K for this boy... movin' on up to the big time in the fall!

Guess who's on call tonight?

Hayes, Ellie and I went for a visit this evening. Here's to an uneventful night, babe. Hope you get some rest.

In case you're wondering where my third little monkey is... Embry is enjoying his special time with grandparents this week. I hear he is loving the attention.

Look who I got to spend my afternoon with...

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Jessi said...

Jude is getting so big....he's SO handsome!

What do you guys have planned now that school is out "for-eva"? Well, at least for the summer....Does it sadden you to think about your oldest baby entering "big boy" school next year?

Hope Embry is enjoying himself.

Jane Anne said...

That baby is such a cutie! David had his last day of preschool today. I cannot believe he is going to kindergarten in the Fall. Same with Hayes? I love his smile!

Katie L said...

YEAH for summer! Those pics of Jude are so adorable!

Minnie said...

Minnie can't wait for Hayes to come over for his turn... we will have some blackberries to pick soon!

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