Tuesday, January 27, 2009

100 things

My 100th post! This blogging thing has turned out to be more than just journaling life around here in the Woodshed. It has been a release for me. An escape. Something I hope my kids can look back on someday and get a feel for what life was like through Mom's eyes.

I came across the 100 things idea from my friend Jessi and just had to do it. I thought it was the perfect way for lucky you to find out more than you'll ever want to know about me... and it made me sit down and focus on what makes me, me. Focusing on myself doesn't exactly happen much anymore. Can I get an amen mommies? Anyway, without further ado:
Warning: May cause drowsiness. I would hate to responsible for any face plants into the keyboard.

1. i have lived in oklahoma all my life. six towns.

2. i have been pregnant twice, but blessed with 3 kids.

3. i about died when i discovered we were having twins. my first reaction was "nooooo! how am i going to be able to go anywhere with a toddler and two infants?"

4. i didn't go anywhere that first year.

5. my first kiss... kyle in the eighth grade.

6. i started dating kyle after high school and knew I couldn't live without him... which is funny because i thought he was nuts up until that point.

7. i married kyle at the young age of 21, before our final year of college. well, my final year of college.

8. i am the first born. my younger sister (by 5 years) was way more spoiled than i.

9. i sweep the kitchen floor three times a day.

10. i do at least two loads of laundry a day.

11. i think dusting is way overrated.

12. i wish i had my mom's energy.

13. i miss my dog.

14. i am a sucker for bowls.

15. i'm not afraid to honk my horn. people that can't drive make me crazy. on the verge of road rage crazy. i'm working on it.

16. i took piano lessons for most of my upbringing... i have no desire to sit down and play. i don't even know that i could now.

17. i'm definitely more behind the scenes than center of attention.

18. i don't listen to the radio... because of commercials.

19. i don't watch much tv... because of commercials.

20. my favorite shows are the office and lost. we watch them online... to avoid the commercials.

21. a couple of my favorite movies are juno and how to lose a guy in ten days. deep, i know.

22. i wonder what in the world i did before my ipod.

23. i am a magazine ripper... i have a huge file folder filled with ideas i have ripped out of magazines over the years.

24. i love home decor. i look forward to the day i can make our house a home without feeling bad about spending money to do so.

25. i'm learning that our house doesn't have to look perfect for me to be happy. emphasis on the learning. i don't even really notice the popcorn ceilings anymore.

26. i am a planner. not the best at executing those plans. see number 23.

27. i love taking pictures.

28. i love taking pictures even more if my cutie patootie subjects would cooperate and look at the camera!

29. i love photoshop.

30. i get really really um, agitated while playing ping pong.

31. i play my praise music as often as i can to keep me out of the funk of everyday chaos.

32. public speaking is the worst thing in the world.

33. having my feet rubbed is one of the best.

34. so is lying on the beach at night with my husband.

35. and a clean house... which i'm not really sure what that feels like anymore.

36. i want to be able to afford a housekeeper asap.

37. i want to be able to afford a tummy tuck asap.

38. i dream about adopting a child someday.

39. i grew up in a small town so i felt obligated to play sports, which i never really cared for.

40. i want my kids to grow up in a small town and not feel obligated to play sports or for that matter, feel obligated to do anything that seems to be the norm.

41. i loathe whining.

42. and waiting at the doctor's office with three crazy kids in one little room.

43. also not high on my list of likes: hangers, cords, zippers, cling wrap, wind, people running red lights, cleaning toilets.

44. i think dads should clean toilets until they can teach their little boys to aim correctly.

45. i am a simple girl who likes simple things... but i like those simple things a very particular way.

46. i'm not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, worry-free type of girl. sometimes i wish i was. but then that would make things too easy, wouldn't it? :)

47. i have too expensive of taste for most things. but i truly believe that you get what you pay for.

48. i don't really have an interest in jewelry. i rarely wear earrings, even though my husband likes me to. however, i am trying to change that with a significant amount of jewelry i brought home from the dallas market.

49. i love the killers.

50. i love addison road.

51. i love the all-american rejects.

52. i love jack johnson.

53. i love dancing with my kids in the kitchen.

54. i love the one-on-one time i get with each of my kids.

55. i love piling on the couch with all three kids and reading books.

56. i love cooking and trying new recipes. i try new recipes more than making old stand-bys.

57. i dream of a big kitchen with lots of room and all things williams-sonoma.

58. sweet and salty frozen custard = ultimate deliciousness.

59. brownies please!

60. i love pizza (cheese and margherita) and can't eat it without drinking a pop.

61. i could eat mexican food every single day.

62. i try really hard to drink only one diet coke a day.

63. i hate the feeling of being in debt... medical school/no income for 4 years kind of debt.

64. i don't regret the debt because it means i was able to stay home with my kids.

65. my first car was a red beretta. i've had 4 cars since then.

66. i had the glamorous job of a lifeguard for 6 summers... glorified babysitter and poop scooper (yes, people really poop in the pool... ewww.) at least I had a nice tan.

67. i have always had the problem of expecting too much from people.

68. i graduated from osu. go pokes!

69. i wish i could change my college degree from marketing to education.

70. as my first job out of college, i worked as an assistant manager, getting paid in pennies at stage. i had an apparel merchandising minor and i thought i wanted to be a buyer or do retail management. ugh. what was i thinking? that job didn't last very long.

71. i moved onto marketing for a d.u.i. school in oklahoma city. interesting. my favorite part of this job was the day trips visiting court houses all over oklahoma. my dog went along sometimes.

72. we moved to norman and i found myself as the campaign director of the united way for 4 years. it really opened my eyes to the importance of getting involved in your community. there are so many people that need help.

73. we moved to tulsa for medical school and i began the career of a stay at home mommy. it has been the best (and hardest job) so far.

74. i think God actually intended me to be one of those people who vacation for a living.

75. i want my husband to take me to bora bora someday.

76. i have these wonderfully great girlfriends that i don't call enough.

77. i feel encouraged when i spend time learning God's word.

78. i wonder why i don't spend more time learning God's word.

79. i don't think i ever really brush my hair.

80. to save money, i don't color my hair. i'm wondering how much longer i can hold off because the grays are running wild! and i'm only 31!

81. i love to purge! getting rid of stuff is one of the best feelings.

82. i get rid of a lot of stuff that comes back to bite me.

83. having twins rocked my world but i'd do it again to get two for the price of one pregnancy. i'm one of the lucky ones who is out of commission that first month thanks to morning sickness.

84. i love to read but it's been awhile since i've sat down with a book.

85. i got my first stamp in my passport last may. kyle and i went to turks & caicos for our 10 year anniversary/graduation celebration. it is the most amazing place i have ever been. hands down.

86. i prefer to chop with a knife... you'll never see a hand chopper in my kitchen!

87. my eyes suck.

88. i wear flip flops way too much.

89. i wear my hair in a ponytail way too much.

90. i wear my favorite pj pants from laura way too much.

91. after living back in our hometown last year, i am actually looking forward to moving back after residency. city life is great but there is just something about small town life that i want my kids to experience.

92. i was an aunt for the first time this past summer! one precious little maddox and another nephew, jude is on his way this spring!

93. i have never used my china... or crystal... or fancy silverware in the ten years we've been married.

94. i'm left-handed, but only when i write and eat.

95. i started recycling this fall and don't know why i didn't start sooner. it's kinda fun.

96. kyle and i want to live in a barn after residency. a really cool barn. :)

97. i was in a sorority in college and pretty much hated every minute of it.

98. i would do the sorority again just to have those 3 girls in my life.

99. i'm learning to love me for me. it's taken me longer than most to discover who i really am.

100. i once got busy in a burger king bathroom. not really... this was just in my head the whole time! thank you middle school rap music.

still with me? wow. you made it. all. the. way. to. the. end. coming up with 100 things about myself was way harder than i thought. let's not do that again, okay?

15 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Dion said...

Awesome!! At your 200th post, can we expect 200 things? Please say Yes.

Minnie said...

OH MY GOSH... LOL! You missed your calling.. instead of education, you need to write!

You are a darn good Mom too!

Jude is just glad he gets to see you ever so often! He misses you too! Hayes keeps reminding me when Embry is not allergic to him anymore, he is coming back home.

I am sorry for some of those 'dislikes', and I am not real sure about #8 either.. think it is equal! "SERIOUSLY";)

101. you don't ever like to capitalize the first letter of a sentence either:)... I know.. it takes too much extra time which you don't have, right?


Jessi said...

What a great list! I know, it was hard to think of 100 things about myself.

I, too, want a nice, big kitchen filled with things from W-S (LOVE that store, more so than PB).

No worries about the debt...it's only temporary (or at least that's what I tell myself a lot). Soon enough Kyle will be bringing home an awesome surgeon paycheck. ;-)

Congrats on your 100th post! Your blog is a lot of fun to read. And I'm really enjoying getting to know you.

Robertson's said...

What fun to read! Sweep the floor 3 times a day!!! I wish I had your energy.

Milk Maker said...

love it, love it, love it!! i was so engrossed in your list i didn't realize emerson was pulling cords out of the wall! i dream about a huge kitchen stocked with ws stuff too!
miss you!

Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

Loved learning more about you. You know I remember when you took your first job after college...for some reason either you visited our little Sunday School class or your mom was teaching us and shared about how you didn't like it! Isn't it funny how if we could go back and re-do certain parts of our lives we would?

Katie said...

I loved reading this!

cade- the spoiled one said...

this was fun to read. it was crazy how many of those things you wrote are exactly how i am. and how some of those things were exactly opposite! i love you sister...

Melisa said...

What a fun read! Sure you don't want to do more?

nana said...

heh heh...this was fun. I knew most of these things but didn't know Kyle was your first kiss! Thanks for loving my son so much!

Jane Anne said...

I really enjoyed reading your list. Sometime when I am not so tired I should tell you which things we have in common. I did a 100 things list for my 100th post, too. You may have already read it but here it is: 100 Things About Me

Anonymous said...

That was so fun to read that I wasn't ready for it to be over! I'm no where near 100 posts but I'm not sure I could think of 100 things to say about myself! I'm gonna have to try it out just for fun! I too look forward to the day I can make our house a home w/o feeling bad about spending $$$! How neat would that be!!!
Love, JKHawk

Anonymous said...

Okay, I thoroughly enjoyed this and love to check your blog...not only has it been a release for you but so fun to know more about you! You have always been Kyle's girlfriend, then wife in my mind and it's so fun to get to know you more as Trish and the wonderful sis-n-law that you are! I can't wait to spend more time with you and the kids if all works out and I get to stay at home!

P.S. Our Papaya order is in! As soon as weather is better I'll have to make a delivery!

Mixed Handbag said...

Hi Trisha - Amanda told me how great/funny your blog is. I must agree. Your kids are beautiful and your are a wonderful photographer!
Thanks for the laughs,

Desiree said...

I didn't know you back in January (glad I do now) but I loved your 100 things! I should hit 100 blog posts by the end of this year (if I can get back to blogging - on hiatus 10+ days now!) so I need to do something special. :-)

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