Friday, December 5, 2008

read me a christmas story

I kinda have a thing for children's books. It's no different when it comes to the ones about Christmas. I love picking out a new book each Christmas for the kids. I've gone a bit overboard in the past with buying more than one (two, four, ten) a year so I'm holding off this year. Simply because we have enough... like I'm pretty sure I have got all of the good ones and I need to wait for more to be published. Not really. Well, kind of not really.

If you have favorites, please share them. I would love to get ideas for uh, next year. Here are some of our favorites... you can click on the titles to see the books.

For the little ones:

Crystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman

Joseph Slate

Nola Buck

Kathleen Long Bostrom

Patricia Pingry

For preschool and up:
Hisako Aoki

John Herman

Martin Waddell

Richard Paul Evans

Angela Elwell Hunt

Max Lucado

Richard Schneider

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

nana said...

Can you bring one of the Christain ones to Laura's so we can read it?

Kilo said...

I'm kind of fond of "Why Daddies Sometimes Have to Round on Patients on Christmas Day", by..... Just kidding, we all know that people continue to be sick on the holidays.

Trisha said...

What about "The Residency that Stole Christmas?" That's an uplifting Christmas story that really warms the heart.

There's also "The Attending Who Took One For the Team and Let the Resident Spend Christmas With His Kids". You're right, whoever wrote that one has quite the imagination because we all know that would never happen!

Dion said...

We've been the lucky receivers of your books-you have wonderful taste in books!

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