Saturday, December 13, 2008

lookin' for trouble

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Minnie said...

Oh!!!!.. Minnie loves them and misses them so much! They are so dang CUTE!

As Papaw would say..."Monkey see.. Monkey do!".

Gonna have to make a road trip soon!!

Joy said...

They are soo cute!!

Melisa said...

Did you ever make it to the Day with Thomas thing? My boys went gaga for it. We went 2 or 3 times and each time they were in awe. Awesome fun!

Anonymous said...

What a great job to be momma of these little cuties! I know they're a handful, but totally worth it! I love miss elle's bow! I'm pretty sure bows have now become a slight fetish of mine, having a little girlie to give them to now! Can't wait till Christmas Train, it's gonna be so much fun!

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