Monday, November 10, 2008

no cavities!

Our big trip to the dentist this morning could not have been more pleasant. Hayes had been anxious all morning, so in turn I was anxious. But once he saw the toys in the waiting room (and by toys, I mean video games), the worries went away. The hygienist called out Hayes and he yelled, "That's me!"

Now growing up in Small Town, America, I have never experienced a pediatric dentist. It was quite impressive. A room full of mini dental chairs, each with a flat-screen tv playing Over the Hedge. About ten different flavors of toothpaste to choose from, including cookie dough. Hayes picked cherry. And he left with a bag full of goodies. I'm pretty sure he'll want to go back.

Hayes didn't have any cavities but he does have a crossbite. I learned today that means his top teeth on one side go down over the bottom ones like they should but they don't on the other side. Just one more reason to try and break the thumb sucking as early as possible! So it looks like we will be doing some sort of expander in six months. Yea!

I'm so proud of him for being brave today and working through that fear. He was such a big boy.

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nana said...

Well that sounds like quite a place! I'm so glad you get that opportunity. When my speech path friend Bev Clark was looking at pictures she noticed Haye's crossbite and said you should go ahead and let them do the expander (I guess it affects speech). You guys were ready for a pleasant experience I'm sure!

Melisa said...

Nothing beats a good pediatric dentist! I need to find one in Philly...

Jessi said...

I took Josiah for his very first dental appointment a couple of months ago....we had a similar set up. Awesome waiting area (we have a large boat set up for the kids to watch a movie), cute little exam chairs with a flat screen hung on the ceiling so they could watch during the exam, yummy toothpaste flavors, neat toothbrush, and wonderful dentist. Why don't they make adult dental experiences this awesome (I hate the dentist)?

I'm glad to hear that Hayes did so well. A good experience definitely makes it easier to take them back.

Minnie said...

Way to go Hayes! How awesome that place sounds too.. my how things change over the years.... But if you remember Mommie... coming from a small town and having a dentist you knew since you were very small (born actually) and that is a family friend, made your experience so easy! Oh those great benefits of a small town, right?!

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