Tuesday, September 23, 2008

little gym

Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings are highlights around here. Little Gym, my friends! All three kids just can't get enough!

It has been the perfect outlet for Hayes. He is in a sports skills class that introduces the basics of different sports in addition to the gymnastics (running around, goofing off) part of it. Seeing that Kyle and I haven't pushed sports on him, he really doesn't know what he likes. This just seems like the perfect thing to help him figure it out. It's so laid back. He basically gets to be silly for an hour while learning the fundamentals.

Embry and Ellie's class is nonstop action. Lots of little kids running around, with mommies and daddies close behind. There are songs, bells, bubbles, balls, an occasional parachute and gymnastics. They both run around like crazy, exploring everything.

Since school has started and we've settled into a routine with all of our activities, I'm starting to feel the role of the mom chauffeur for the first time... hauling kids from place to place. But I am actually enjoying it. It keeps us busy and out of the house. And after being cooped up for most of the summer, getting out of the house can be a really good thing.

On the way home tonight, Hayes had a meltdown because he wanted to eat at Chili's, not eat chili... then I told him we were out of mac and cheese... then he didn't want to share the sun with the people on the other side of the world. Life's tough for a kid.

I've added a few new pics to the hewood website.

5 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Dion said...

Love the Little Gym.

Nana said...

I'm glad they're doing this! It's good to promote activity, so many kids are always playing games on the computer. We need to get baby Maddox in little gym, he's gaining a lot of weight hanging around his mother so much. LOL

Katie said...

I'm so jealous I didn't get my kiddos signed up. It looks like sooo much fun!

Minnie said...

One of these days, Minnie is going to make it a point to go watch all three... can't wait to see them play around.... Hayes bouncing around, Embry playing with his bat & ball, and lil miss limber girl, Ellie, do her thing... can't believe she is hanging on the bars like that already!


Jeral said...

Wish I had their energy! You are a GREAT mom to do this with them, I can't wint to see them!!

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