Monday, September 8, 2008

don't get me wrong

I love our house... more space than we've had for a loooong time, well ever actually. But there are a few things that really date it like the popcorn ceiling for one. Ugh. I want it gone but I think we will gradually get rid of it as we redo rooms. Embry and Ellie like to scratch it off upstairs in the playroom where the ceiling slopes and it drives me nuts! And then there is the kitchen lighting and backsplash and the bathrooms. Oh the bathrooms. The upstairs bathroom is first up on the agenda. Thanks to Andrew and Laura, it is now ready to get things going. Thanks guys!

I should have taken a picture of it before the wallpaper came down. It was straight from the eighties. See the cutesy little flip flop rug? Imagine dozens of mini flip flops, beach towels, balls and umbrellas all over the place with matching shower curtain, shower curtain hooks, towels and suntan bottle soap dispenser. All it was missing was the puff paint on the towels.
With Kyle's work schedule, it has been pretty much impossible to make headway on house projects. So hopefully we can find the time to get these projects knocked out before it's time to move in five years!

Also on the agenda? Haircut.

Highlight of today?

By far, having a special donut date with this guy after we dropped Embry & Ellie off at school.

2 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Dion said...

Hip hooray! I've been waiting to see you do this!!! So glad to see your kiddos.

Melisa said...

Ahhh! House projects! I feel ya, sista! Have fun. :)

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