Wednesday, September 12, 2012

pinterest props

I'm wanting to try and keep track of the ideas we try on pinterest so I am throwing these pics on the blog,
despite the whacked out coloring of the pics. But I'm not going back to fix them.
Ain't nobody got time for dat. :)
This is a collaboration of morning worksheets that I came across.
I love this idea!
My place in the world project.
Mainly for Embry and Ellie but Hayes enjoyed it too. We've been going over these
the last few days to help them familiarize themselves and grasp the concept of city vs. state vs. country, etc.
I made these numbers to help with learning to tell time. Duh. :)
Fun math activity. Hayes got a kick out of this yesterday.
Will probably do this often because it's learning in disguise. :)

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