Saturday, April 28, 2012

eight years old.

I sat across from him on the bus yesterday.
His first time.
I just stared at him, watching as he talked to his buddy and acted like a goof.

He would look over at me and smile.
It was the last day he would be seven.

We had just spent the day together at the zoo.
He taught me everything he knew about snakes... his current fascination.
He even let me hug on him without getting embarrassed.
Will that change now that he is eight?
I hope not.

 He declares he will never marry or have kids.
So will he ever know how much I truly love him?
How my heart aches with pride when I see him grow in confidence
 and accomplish things he didn't think he was capable of accomplishing?
How I can't imagine life without him in my world?
There have been recent stories about him chasing girls on the playground.
That's new.
Maybe there's still hope. :)
 Wishing my big boy a very Happy Birthday.
May you feel extra special and loved every single minute on your special day.

And may today be filled with more legos than you know what to do with.
 Love you, Hayes.

4 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Liz said...

Oh I love a good Saturday morning bawlfest.
You are such a sweet mommy. This warmed my heart.
Happy Birthday, Hayes!

Minnie said...

Eight short years ago, this lil' fella came into my life who has brought me so many years of happiness! I love those special times that I can steal with you and listen to all your big plans and ideas... You are so smart and talented!! I cherish those smiles, hugs and quick kisses I get from my Handsome Hayes! Minnie loves you MORE.. Have a great birthday and we will see you later today!

Missy said...

oh, i'm balling. i can't even stand six - what am i going to do with eight?!

Milk Maker said...

I"m a little teary. So sweet. And so overwhelming how much love we have for our kiddos, isn't it?

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