Saturday, December 24, 2011

'tis the season...

for some advent activities!

What a fun December it has been!

  1 - Explore Christmas lights at Rhema.
  2 - Shop for Blackwell family and Broken Arrow Neighbors.
  3 - Christmas parade and Bethlehem Walk.
  4 - Make popsicle snowflakes and watch Frosty the Snowman.
  5 - Ellie's Christmas dance. Family game night and s'mores.
  6 - Shop for OK Foster Wishes.
  7 - Take cookies to Life Church staff.
  8 - Hot cocoa and Christmas books.
  9 - Make cinnamon ornaments.
10 - Christmas Train.
11 - Christmas cookies.
12 - Watch It's a Wonderful Life.
13 - Button wreaths and felt wreaths.
14 - Dinner under the tree.
15 - Date night with Minnie. (which means date night for Kyle & I. :))
16 - Lights with Papaw & Minnie.
17 - Christmas with Nana's family.
18 - Girls go to Nutcracker. Boys go to the movies.
19 - Read J is for Jesus and do a candy cane craft for GG's apartment building.
20 - Family game night and hot cocoa.
21 - Make candy cane popcorn for friends and neighbors.
22 - Deliver popcorn to friends and crafts to GG's apartment building. Watch Home Alone.
23 - Gingerbread nativities. Life Church Christmas service.
24 - Make Christmas presents for Jesus and bake him a birthday cake. Sleep under the tree tonight.
25 - Birthday party for Jesus!

1 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Sara Shaffer said...

Awesome! What great memories you are creating with your children. I will definitely have to borrow some of your ideas as Ashlyn gets older! Praying you are having a blessed New Year!

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