Thursday, May 19, 2011

singing and swords

Embry and Ellie had their school music program today. Here's a little taste of the cuteness. :)

Each year, I try to get their picture outside on the benches at the end of the year.


They weren't havin' it this go-around, so goofiness is all we got.

We've been playing A LOT outside lately. Today was no exception. :)
A boy and his sword.

5 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Minnie said...

Cute... cute... cute they are! Love EJ's haircut!

Nana said...

I can't view the video:(
I can't believe they've changed so much!

Minnie said...

Now the videos work.. so cute... sorry I missed it :o( See you tomorrow for the dance recital! Can't wait! She is such an actress!

Nana said...

I like the way Ellie is looking at Embry to make sure he's doing the right thing:)

Jess said...

It is funny that she's looking after him. Must be a twin thing? Kate is forever "mothering" Ryan!

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