Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful hearts

my puppy
playing games
mommy & daddy
hayes & ellie
the airport
our beach house :)

minnie, nana, papaw, grandpa
my brothers
mommy & daddy
jude & jessie
when we go to the fair
my jewelry
seeing g.g.
playing on the i-phone
going to the pedicure
fruit snacks

a home
my parents
my lego book
dinosaur museum

a god who loves and forgives
a wife who loves and forgives
children who are excited to see me every time
the privilege of pursuing a career that i enjoy

I attempted to capture some pictures of things I was thankful for throughout the day today.

I am guilty of getting caught up in all of the little things that seem to go wrong and letting those little things cloud a grateful heart. Now more than ever it seems like things are falling apart around us... whether it be something with the house or one of our cars. But ya know what? We have a house and we have two cars.

And they are just things. And things are temporary.

I'm deliberately making more of an effort to stop and remind myself of just how fortunate I am. I belong to a mighty and loving God, a mighty and loving God who has given me this precious little family to share life with. He's given us a safe place to call home, food for our bellies, air conditioning for when it is hot, heat for when it is cold, good health, fabulous friends and family, great schools, a wonderful church.

I'd say that is blessed. And thankful I am.

May you reflect on what is truly important today and take the time to thank God for each and every one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

sidenote: Something that I am not so thankful for is the decision I made to replace the lights on our Christmas tree. Do not, I repeat DO NOT ever think it is a good idea to strip a pre-lit tree of its lights that no longer work. It is a very bad idea and I have the blisters and bruises on my hands to prove it. Run as fast as you can to the nearest store and buy another tree!

9 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Jessi said...

I LOVE that you asked each of the kids and Kyle what they are thankful for...and that you took *pictures* of what makes YOUR heart happy. I especially LOVE the last pic of the kids and their daddy playing kerplunk!

Sorry to hear about your Christmas lights project....I will make note of your warning.

Desiree said...

Beautiful post. :)

And sorry about the tree fiasco. I'm buying another tree this year. Does that mean pre-lit isn't worth it, because you just have to toss the tree when the lights break? How old was your tree? I was hoping to do pre-lit, but I'd like it to last 7+ years like my last one did.

Minnie said...

Sorry the hand-me-down pre-lit tree finally gave out, but I too would run and buy another one!

We missed all of you terribly this year for Thanksgiving, but know that one day Kyle will not have to be on call and you all won't have to be there by yourselves...

I am thankful for my loving family every day... thankful that you express your feelings like you do as those messages sometimes are what I need to hear! I LOVE YOU ALL MORE!

Nana said...

It warms my heart to hear a post like this and to know that God is instilling the importance of a thankful heart in your lives, and that you are teaching our grandchildren what is important. I'm thankful for you Trisha. And I'm thankful to hear that Kyle still loves his career choice:) Isn't it amazing how God grows us during the hard times in our lives! (and the beach house thing is priceless, we have to go again).

Liz said...

Great Thanksgiving post!
Love Ellie's going to the pedicure and her dress. Great pictures. Miss you guys!

Milk Maker said...

wonderful post! really made me think. I also need to focus on our many blessings. Thanks for being so transparent and willing to share. :0) love you.

Cindi said...

Perfect Thanksgiving post.

jeral said...

Thank you for the wonderful, thought-provoking blog. We all need to be reminded of what God has blessed us with and I am blessed to have your blog to remind me when I get self-centered. Thank you, Trisha!!!! Love you guys!!!!

Laura said...

Thanks for the inspiration....I'm thankful God is using you to encourage others towards Christ. Love that!

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