Wednesday, May 19, 2010

another year come and gone...

This picture was taken one year ago...
Embry and Ellie's last day of school is tomorrow. Hard to believe that it's already time to fill the summer calendar up with fun. :)

We've got lots of goodies lined up for the summer, but it's tough to see the school year come to end. Especially when you have had wonderful teachers. This morning Hayes said, "I'm sad school is almost out. I'm going to miss Mrs. Black."

I know buddy.

All three kids have had such amazing, nurturing teachers this year. I'm praying next year finds us in the same situation.

A few snipits from the MDO music program. :)

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Jessi said...

I know Josiah and Laney will be equally as sad when 'school' is over for them, too. They've learned SO much just since I've got to figure out some way to keep it up their new 'skills' during the summer.

What a fun program....I love how all of the children are doing their own thing until "God made the monkeys"....Ooo Ooo, Ahh Ahh!

And can I just say how BEAUTIFUL Embry and Ellie's hair is (hers has grown so much)!

Dawn said...

My little one had her MDO program on Tuesday. It was so sweet. I've got to get my video d/l'd. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm going to miss my day's out this summer. Ha

Your kiddos are just adorable!

Minnie said...

OH DANG, missed their end of school program! They are all three growing up way too fast for me! I am always amazed how smart Hayes is!!! Loved getting to pick him up again today and seeing him find me in the crowd not knowing I am in town!

Nana said...

How precious! This was such a good MDO program, so glad they have learned about our wonderful God!

Liz said...

Look how big they are! I need them in my life.

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