Sunday, April 11, 2010

looking back

february 2007


It's simply amazing where three years will take you.

sweet kisses

my handsome boy

pretty in pink flowers

and because i couldn't choose from all of the sweetness...

10 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Milk Maker said...

wow! great photos! they are absolutely adorable..on my monitor and in person! :0)

Katie L said...

I love your ability to capture the perfect shot! You have the cutest little models to work with. CUTE!

Minnie said...

OK... send me those photos so I can have some up-to-date ones... and can enlarge the one of all three together...they are so good and you got them all to look and smile at you (or the camera!) I love my sweet grandkids and miss when I am not around them and you too!

Desiree said...

Ack! The cuteness is killing me! Alex is in his "I don't wanna look at the camera stage"... I have NO good pictures recently. Love it!

Dion said...

Beau - Ti- ful! Embry eyes are spellbinding in that last one.

Ronna said...

Trish.....your children are so gorgeous! What incredible memories you have captured on camera!
Love ya!

Nana said...

Ditto what Minnie said about the pictures. It can be for my birthday. Its good to see pictures of my grandkids when all heck is still loose on the homefront here.

Dawn said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of your children!

Have a great week!

elle's mom said...

they are just too cute!

Jessi said...

Is it wrong of me to be jealous of your babies' blue eyes (no matter how many times I try, I'll probably never get the dark hair/blue eye combo)? Gosh...they're the first thing I notice.

And jealous that they are all looking AND smiling in the same direction?! It is amazing to see how much those babies have changed in 3 years (but still look the same--if you know what I mean).

You and Kyle make beautiful children...are you sure you're done? ::wink::

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