Friday, February 26, 2010

jeep buddy

 Happy Jack jeeping it with Daddy to pick big brother up from school. So excited!

I was a little concerned that this guy was going to wake up from his nap not feeling well because it was the first time he (or any kid of mine, for that matter) went to bed at naptime on his own. Not the case... must have just been a morning of playing Batman that wore him out. :)

Someone else looks a little sleepy.

7 tellin' me what I want to hear!:

Cindi said...

So kids get super excited also when they get to go with Daddy in his truck.

Robertson's said...

I was thinking I would be concerned about Kyle making it back with both kiddos awake - just kidding. Isn't it amazing how little sleep our doctor husbands get and yet they are still able to function - most of the time!!!

Dion said...

My girls love the opportunity to ride in Daddy's car, too. Anything to break up the monotony that is their lives...he he.

Alexandra said...

Kyle looks thrilled!!

Jessi said...

So glad your 'happy jack' woke up happy.

Josiah and Laney LOVE riding in Daddy's truck (they can see SO much more than in the car).

Poor Kyle....he does look *a little* tired.

Nana said...

A sweet sight! Embry gets to be with Daddy by himself. I told Kyle he's taking years off his life, but he said it was better than being a dead-beat dad. I figure with all the times you got up with kids you two should have about the same lifespan.

Minnie said...

They love their time with their Daddy.. especially one-on-one! and the boys love that jeep like their Daddy does! Is it going to make it to Colordo this summer? Think we just need to rent some and save it!

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